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Bango Audiences are built by analyzing purchase behavior from billions of dollars of consumer app spending. App marketers focus their UA campaigns with these tailored audiences to get straight to the people most likely to buy.

Bango Audiences are delivered as custom audiences straight to your Facebook or TikTok business account

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Thanks to Bango Audiences, we have been able to scale our Facebook activity with success, while improving our performance in almost all titles. Furthermore, the support from the Bango Audience success team is great. They are super responsive and helpful, fully understanding our needs and our audiences, and matching it to our activities."

Omri Kapitulnik, Huuuge Games

Case studies

Triwin Games gained 5X higher install to payer conversion and 50% increase in ROAS

“Not only did we immediately start acquiring high value payers but we saw our D7 ROAS increase by 1.5X when targeting with Bango Audiences”

Wayne Qin, Co-Founder at Triwin Games

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NEXON increase ROAS and decrease CPI for launch campaign

“NEXON have increased ROAS and decreased CPI by targeting our campaigns with Bango Audiences.”

Lee Woo Chang at NEXON

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30K high value users acquired from UA campaign on TikTok

“Using Bango Audiences to target our TikTok ads to high value payers in similar titles, supported by expert campaign support from Bango, we were able to break into a new region with a high conversion to install and low CPI.”

Joon Ho Shin, CEO at UBIS

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