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"Thanks to Bango Audiences, we have been able to scale our Facebook activity with success, while improving our performance in almost all titles. Furthermore, the support from the Bango Audience success team is great. They are super responsive and helpful, fully understanding our needs and our audiences, and matching it to our activities." - Omri Kapitulnik, Huuuge Games

Run your Facebook ads straight to the people who are most likely to pay, because they’re already payers in similar apps to yours.

Bango Audiences are built by analyzing purchase behavior from billions of dollars of consumer app spending.

App marketers focus their Facebook campaigns with these tailored audiences to get straight to the people most likely to buy.

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How it works 1
Select a Bango Audience based on spending behavior, app category and campaign region
How it works 2
The Bango Audience is immediately available in your Facebook Ad Account to target your ads
How it works 3
Apply the Bango Audience to your Facebook campaign in one-click
Try a Bango Audience

Nimble Neuron increase payers by 2X

“Wow! We doubled paying users for our strategy games and those we acquired were more engaged at every level of the game, by adding one small step to our Facebook marketing campaigns. It was simple to add the Bango Audience of paying users.”Lucas Martin, Project Manager at Nimble Neuron

Zitga increase ROAS by 20%

“The results speak for themselves – we experienced a higher payrate and ROAS with Bango Audiences than with our standard demographic filtering.”Luan Ngo (Lu), CMO at Zitga

NEXON increase ROAS and decrease CPI for launch campaign

“NEXON have increased ROAS and decreased CPI by targeting our campaigns with Bango Audiences.”Lee Woo Chang at NEXON

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