Into the wild…

Digital advertising. It’s a jungle out there. Consumer spending is down, marketing budgets are shrinking, and the privacy landscape continues to shift.

Despite this harsh environment, the boldest advertisers and brands are exploring new territory in search of the elusive ‘missing piece’ in their ad targeting strategies.

Without getting ads in front of the consumers who will actually make a purchase, it'll remain harder than ever to grow businesses and unlock revenue.

Ad-venturer comic
Ad-venturer comic
Fanned Bango App-ocalypse comic Fanned Bango App-ocalypse comic

If ad-venture has a name…it’s Indiana Jane

Follow one resolute marketer who refuses to watch her KPIs decline!

Indiana Jane, a brave ad-venturer, has descended into the advertising jungle to find The Lost City of Revenue. But a perilous journey lies ahead.

The jungle is a dangerous place and supplies are running low. Pitfalls and snake oil abound.

Yet the missing piece is out there, just waiting for an ambitious advertiser to discover it and revive their ad revenues.

Will our brave adventurer be the one to find the missing ingredient to advertising success? Or will she fall prey to the promotional wilderness?

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