App marketing will never be the same

It’s 2022 and the world of app marketing is unrecognizable. Reliable tracking techniques have faded away, with Apple restricting IDFAs and third-party cookies phasing out.

In this strange new world, it’s harder than ever for app developers and marketers to find new, paying users.

Two Zombies walking towards you
Two Zombies walking towards you
Fanned Bango App-ocalypse comic Fanned Bango App-ocalypse comic

The world has changed…

App Avenue – the home of happy user acquisition - has descended into chaos, with the removal of cookies leading to a zombie app‑ocalypse for developers.

Rising from the debris of this post‑cookie world, one intrepid app developer seeks a solution to target ads at new paying users once again.

Will he succeed, or remain trapped in this marketing nightmare forever? Download our new comic to find out…