Manta gained 30% higher post-install conversion rate by targeting their TikTok and Facebook campaigns with Bango Audiences


Increased acquisition rate of paying users at a lower cost per acquisition, who doesn’t love more for less?

Manta used Bango Audiences to target their TikTok and Facebook campaigns to users in the US with a history of paying in similar apps, and got a 30% increase in the number of newly acquired users that went on to pay, at a 13% lower cost per acquisition from their 4 week campaign.

higher post-install conversion rate
lower CPA


Manta Comics is a webcomic app published by RIDI Corporation, South Korea’s leading content platform. They monetize their app by offering a single subscription option which gives unlimited access to their entire library of Webtoon’s, digital comics designed to be read on smartphones.

No pay-per-episode and no ads, just one in-app subscription option. For Manta’s UA team, acquiring new paying users is their life blood!


Manta wanted to increase the number of paying subscribers acquired from their TikTok and Facebook campaigns that target the US market. Expanding their reach beyond their first party paying user audiences, to reach proven payers in similar apps, Manta hoped to increase the rate of payers acquired.


Manta focused their TikTok and Facebook ads to proven payers in similar apps based in the US. By applying Bango’s custom audiences built from purchase behavior across millions of apps, Manta Comics ads were displayed to payers in similar apps, including Webtoon, interactive story game and streaming subscription app payers.


Compared to the same campaigns Manta targeted with audiences built from their first party data, this four week campaign targeted with Bango Audiences achieved:

  • 13% lower CPA
  • 30% higher post-install conversion rate

"On a like for like basis, comparing our campaigns targeted with our data sets, the campaigns targeted with Bango Audiences gained a 30% higher post-install conversion rate and 13% lower CPA.

We were able to go beyond our first party purchase behavior data to reach a wider audience with a likelihood of paying. Bango’s custom audiences are built from a vast pool of purchase behavior data, across millions of apps so they targeted our ads to proven payers in similar apps that we couldn’t otherwise find.
After the success we’ve experienced, we are increasing our use of Bango Audiences. Our only regret is that we didn’t start using them sooner!"

Eunhyung Noh
Performance Marketing Manager, Manta

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