Nimble Neuron

Increased conversion from install to payer in strategy game


Nimble Neuron increased the engagement rate of users acquired from the campaign AND captured a 2X increase in paying users.

increase in paying users
higher engagement


Korean app developer Nimble Neuron has been developing highly popular games. Translated into dozens of languages and available across many countries, they have hundreds of thousands of downloads altogether.

Nimble Neuron wanted a higher percentage of users that installed to go on to pay in the app. To achieve this, they focused their Facebook marketing spend using a Bango Audience of active payers in Korea.


Increase the number of paying users acquired through their Facebook marketing spend.

Increased app engagement

Users move through the different levels in the game. The further they progress, the more engaged they are, leading to a higher retention score.

More paying users

In-app payments enable players to move through levels.


A custom audience of active payers in Korea was chosen from Bango Marketplace by Nimble Neuron. This audience was made of people who had purchased in-app content in real-time strategy game apps within the past 6 months. The Bango Audience was shared with Nimble Neuron through Facebook Business Manager.


In-game activity of users acquired organically was compared with the users acquired using the Bango Audience to focus marketing at paying users.

  • 2X more paying users acquired
  • 15% higher engagement achieved

There was an average 15% increase in engagement from users as they moved through more levels, spending longer in the game. This increased engagement was seen across all 14 levels of the game.

Wow! We doubled paying“users for our strategy games and those we acquired were more engaged at every level of the game, by adding one small step to our Facebook marketing campaigns. It was simple to add the Bango Audience of paying users.

We’re really pleased with the results and are looking forward to using more Bango Audiences. Targeting campaigns to new audiences of users with a history of paying for similar apps is a great short cut for app developers to grow revenue.

Lucas Martin
Project Manager at Nimble Neuron

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