30K high value users acquired from UA campaign on TikTok


App developer UBIS wanted to gain a massive volume of installs, when launching their Strategic Role Play Game (SRPG) app into a new territory.

UBIS acquired over 30K high value users from their TikTok campaign in Indonesia by applying a custom Bango Audience to target people that pay in similar apps.

high value users acquired from UA campaign on the TikTok platform


UBIS is a Korean app publisher focused on creating entertaining games for all ages to enjoy. Their app Genesis is an SRPG game that perfectly fuses classic SRPG + real-time battle systems. Players from around the world can join the PvP battle in real-time on one global server.


Popular in Korea, UBIS wanted to expand their RPG app Genesis into Indonesia using a TikTok advertising campaign that delivered a low CPI and high install conversion.


For the Genesis launch campaign in Indonesia, UBIS used a Bango Audience of payers in similar RPG apps to target their TikTok ads.


Within a month of launching the TikTok campaign in Indonesia, UBIS acquired over 30K high value users for their RPG app Genesis.

30,000 high value users acquired

By targeting users who made in-app purchases in apps similar to Genesis, UBIS was able to acquire new users more likely to convert to payers in their app.

Bango Audiences delivered great value from our TikTok Ad campaign. We acquired 30K users when launching our RPG app Genesis into a new market.

Using Bango Audiences to target our TikTok ads to high value payers in similar titles, supported by expert campaign support from Bango, we were able to break into a new region with a high conversion to install and low CPI.

Joon Ho Shin
CEO at Ubis

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