Not all targeting data is equal

Bango brings together digital payments and marketing technology

Image showing the Bango's bi-directional relationship between FinTech and Martech

Bango Audiences leverage industrywide purchase data from the billions of dollars of transactions processed annually by the Bango Payments Platform.

Discover payers

Leverage industrywide purchase data from source

Image showing zero, first, second and third party data, with Bango Audiences highlighted as second party data.

Bango technology enables online merchants to find more paying customers


Offer consumers the most ubiquitous payment options


Reach consumers with the highest purchase intent

Bango has developed a powerful platform that enables online merchants to offer alternative payment methods such as direct carrier billing and subscription bundling.

The same technology enables digital advertisers to target new, paying customers.

Powering the leaders

Benefit from the technology used by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Xbox, Samsung and other online product leaders to reach, engage and monetize customers everywhere.

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