Purchase Behavior Targeting

How the world's most successful digital marketers and commerce platforms find more customers, at scale

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Today, a new way to target digital advertising is emerging…

Don’t target consumers based on:

  • what they search for
  • what they like on social

Do target consumers based on:

  • what they’ve previously bought

Purchase Behavior Targeting finds new consumers who buy products like yours.

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Data to fine-tune ad platform targeting

It started with Amazon's recommendation engine, 'People who bought this also bought'.

Now the world's most successful commerce platforms all find more customers by leveraging massive amounts of aggregated online commerce data.

Purchase Behavior Targeting is how the commerce kings turn payment insights into marketing gold.

The wider the set of purchase behavior data, the more new customers acquired

  • You may have your own purchase data that you can analyze
  • The more purchase data you can input from your own sources, the better your targeting will be
  • To build a powerful purchase data set, marketers may need to look further afield
  • Scale your purchase behavior-based ad targeting with industrywide online purchase data from Bango Audiences

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