Time to go on an ad-venture…

By Sukey Miller - August 01, 2023

Digital advertising. It’s a jungle out there. 

Marketing budgets are in decline and consumers are tightening their belts, amid fears of a recession. 

Given the harsh environment, committed marketers are venturing into the AdTech wilderness, looking for new tools to target their ads. 

This isn’t just theory. Our research found that 81% of advertisers want to get "more adventurous" with their promotions, and 83% are “actively exploring” new data sources to target their campaigns. 

Despite the appetite to trial new technologies, 60% say it’s never been harder to reach the right audiences online. 

It’s not a journey for the faint hearted. 

The advertising jungle has no shortage of obstacles. Pitfalls and snake oil abound, and semi-efficient targeting methods won’t be enough to see you through and reach your targets. 

At Bango Audiences, we’ve always known purchase behavior targeting is the key to growing your ad revenues. We’ve even produced another comic that literally illustrates why.

From the creators of the App-ocalypse, comes The Ad-venturer.

Follow Indiana Jane as she braves the jungle to find The Lost City of Revenue, now a legend among struggling advertisers. She’s resourceful, but the jungle’s a dangerous place and supplies are running low. Can she survive the promotional wilderness?

You’ll have to read the comic to find out. But we promise a gripping tale that captures the very real challenges that digital advertisers face, and the solution they need.

Here’s where Bango Audiences enters the fray.

Built from purchase behavior data across billions of online consumer transactions, Bango Audiences enable you to reach new customers with a proven history of purchasing similar products. In other words, you reach those who actually want to buy.

What’s more, they’re also privacy compliant and proven to increase conversions throughout the funnel by up to 75%.

Digital advertising might seem like a jungle, but you’ll find your way through the promotional wilderness to reach the Lost City of Revenue with Bango Audiences. Download our Ad-venturer comic today. 

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