You can now add audience signals to your PMax app install campaigns

By Sukey Miller - November 28, 2023

This significant feature enables Google to enhance its audience identification to get your campaigns to audiences most likely to install and pay!

Something isn’t working in ad targeting!

We surveyed ad and agency professionals who are tasked with reaching and converting new customers:

  • Half of advertisers are annoyed their ads aren’t reaching the right audience
  • 60% of advertisers think it’s never been harder to reach the right audience
  • 49% of agencies are struggling to meet their KPIs

It’s clear that something at the heart of digital advertising is missing. 

Google’s response….

In an effort to offer advertisers a more precise, effective targeting method, Google introduced ‘Audience signals’.

By adding audience signals to your Google Performance Max (PMax) campaigns, Google says you can reach more of the right people and achieve exceptional results.

Sounds good. 

Well now it’s available to use on app install campaigns.

How do audience signals work?

Audience signals are a feature of Google’s Performance Max campaigns. 

You feed in audience signals on which segments are most likely to convert for your specific KPIs.

Acting as ‘helpful signals’, these insights are used to optimize Google's machine learning algorithm to identify a more accurate ‘ideal’ audience for your asset groups.

Audience insights can include demographics, location, browsing history, search keywords and past purchase behavior.

Google Audience Insights + Bango Audiences

You can update audience signals using first-party data, or Bango Audiences. 

Optimize Google’s audience signals for your install campaigns using Bango Audiences of proven in-app payers in specific titles and categories, from across the ecosystem.

Amplify performance two-fold.

It’s a very simple, easy way to gain conversion improvements during peak times and when performance isn’t where it needs to be.

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There’s a lot we like about audience insights for optimizing app install campaigns:

Automation plus personalization

Avoid giving up full control to the platform’s black box targeting.

Remove some of the leg work behind message personalization.

You can create asset groups and link them to signals and specific content. 

Using this data, Google will automate targeting new, high-intent audience segments with relevant messaging from your assets. 

Test and learn

By identifying the most effective signals for your specific KPIs, you can experiment, iterate and refine over time, across different audience segments and channels.

In an industry always looking for performance improvement and new tools, there’s definitely potential.

Reduce wasted ad spend

Showing your ads to people who don’t convert is an expensive waste of time and money! 

Get more bang for your buck.

Reach the right people, those who can and do pay in apps to increase ROAS.

When can I start using audience signals with my app install Pmax campaigns


Reach out to our client solutions team to get started with audience signals as fast as possible.

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