[Webinar] How to take back control of your mobile app User Acquisition targeting

By Sukey Miller - May 15, 2023

App marketers - do you feel hostage to changing data regulations and self-serving ad platform targeting approaches?

Over the past few years, the quantity and quality of data available to app developers has been severely reduced. Relying on ad platform targeting data is forcing app UA teams to "go broader", which is driving down ROAS. App marketers are backed into a corner. Is there a way out?

There is! Hear from our expert panel on how to take back ownership of your User Acquisition targeting:

  • Positives and negatives of automated ads
  • How do you balance performance versus testing
  • How to inform long-term product development with limited data
  • The latest and emerging data trends to follow and which to drop
  • The one data source you can't overlook!

You don’t need to rely on ad platform targeting for long-term success. Learn trade secrets from app marketing experts including EastSide Game Studio, Appvertiser, Bango and Upland. 

Pick up practical tips and tricks, and get new ideas on the most effective ways to retain control against automation and take back ownership of your User Acquisition targeting.

Watch the recording.  

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